Complete house cleaning services. Have references. I charge $15 per hour.
We believe the Homeowner comes first! We are a team of mortgage audit professionals that have one goal. "Keep homeowners in their homes. Don't let the banks get away with the terrible things they have been doing. Force the banks to be honest when dealing with homeowners." It is not right when our government bails the banks out of the mess they created because they are "too big to f...
15-Mar-2012Taft, CAServices
Advance Property Services! We are here to help with all your property needs. At Advance Property Services your rental property will be in good hands. Our typical time frame on renting out a single family home is within 2 weeks. When your property sits empty your not making the potential income. We will not just place a sign on your lawn and let it sit till someone comes. At Advance Property Ser...
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